Our History

David and Jarrod Lentz Engineering, LLC was founded in 1988 with the mission of providing excellent engineering services with a strong commitment to customer service, academic excellence and production efficiency. Our founder, Alfred E. Lentz, graduated from Lamar University in 1968 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering. After 20 years of working on many commercial, residential and public infrastructure projects, he decided to create his own civil engineering firm. From this, Lentz Engineering was born. The current president, Jarrod D. Aden, has over 20 years of experience in civil engineering, environmental consulting, real estate inspection and construction experience. He currently specializes in hydrologic modeling, public infrastructure and commercial site development.

Our team at Lentz Engineering is dedicated to providing the best possible engineering services. We use state of the art technology for all of our services so that we can work with the most accurate information. All of our engineers are highly educated and our senior engineers have years of experience with many different kinds of projects. We have worked as the consulting district engineers for both Brazoria Drainage District No. 4 and the Galveston County Consolidated Drainage District.

Our engineers are skilled in construction management, commercial site development, residential site development, platting, feasibility studies, stormwater drainage and paving design. We design innovative and quality engineering solutions for all of our clients. We ensure that our clients projects will meet all of its requirements and time constraints, without losing focus on safety and quality.