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Engineering Consulting in Bellaire

Lentz Engineering is dedicated to providing quality civil engineering services to the Bellaire Area. Our engineers are prepared to help with any kind of construction and land services.

About Lentz Engineering

We have been working since 1988 to help the Bellaire area. Our civil engineers are highly experienced in the fields of construction, land development, and public infrastructure. Lentz Engineering has worked with many companies and communities with our civil engineering services. No matter what project you are working on, our engineers will the there at your side offering you assistance. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about your project.

If you are interested in how we can help you, your business, or your city complete your project, give Lentz Engineering a call!


About Bellaire

Bellaire is a city that is surrounded by the City of Houston. I-610 runs straight through the middle of the city. Since it was incorporated so early, Houston was not able to annex the area, but it was able to annex to surrounding areas. It is mostly a residential city, there is not that much industry within the city limits. Because of this, the city's motto is "City of Homes".

Bellaire was founded by William Wright Baldwin, the vice president of Burlington railroad, in 1908. It was likely that he named the city after Bellaire, Ohio one of the cities on his railroad route. Growth in the city did not really begin to happen until after World War II. Many individuals moved to the area. At this point, residential development within the city grew.