Construction Inspection

going over blueprints When a construction team is constructing a building, it is absolutely necessary for the building to meet all building codes and regulation. Every client wants a building that is beautiful and well designed. Our engineers and construction inspectors will look over the building’s designs and the construction process to ensure that the buildings meet all necessary codes and are completely safe.

We want the client and architect to be pleased with how the building looks. Our job is to look over the building’s engineering to ensure that the designs will be structurally sound and will meet all building codes. Designing a building is a mixture of art and engineering, we will make sure that your construction team is following your architect’s blueprints as well as constructing a sturdy building. Our construction inspectors will look over the engineering for safety purposes.

Lentz Engineering is keenly aware of the construction budget that each client has for the construction of their project. Sometimes the most cost effective solution for the client is to let the building inspectors from local agencies handle the bulk of the inspections on projects. Let us help you develop anything from a minimalist to a comprehensive plan for inspecting the day to day construction activities at your site.

To build the best possible structure, you need a construction inspector who knows all of the necessary building codes as well as the best ways to build a structurally sound building. Inspections are necessary throughout the construction process and once the building is completed. Our construction inspectors have the experience they need to ensure that your project is the best quality. If you have any questions about our construction services, our experts at Lentz Engineering are happy to talk with you. Just give us a call!