Commercial Site Development

Commercial Site DesignGreat commercial development begins with a great site plan. After 28 years in business, our firm understands the importance of optimizing the use of your property. Before starting your next project, it is important to find an Engineer that is intimately familiar with the agency requirements specific to your project location. A consultant armed with this knowledge will be well equipped to help you develop a great site layout that meets all local code requirements.

With a focus on site development projects in the Greater Houston area, Lentz Engineering is very familiar with the constantly changing development regulations in the area in addition to having long standing relationships with the key decision makers at the municipalities and agencies that issue permits for construction. With these contacts, our staff is able to quickly get in touch with the right people to get your next project approved without costly delays.

On the surface, the engineering for a commercial site may seem fairly straight forward. With years of experience working on thousands of these projects, we have refined our design approach to provide a better finished product. This detailed and thoughtful approach has allowed us to provide value added service. No matter how big or small your project is, we will spend the time necessary to deliver the best possible design. Contact us today so we can tell you why a Lentz site performs better!