Platting When building a new building, the first step is to have platting done to the land. Our engineers will help you with all of the platting of your land. There are many different steps to platting, including:

Evaluating Zoning Requirements

Sometimes landowners wish to do things on their land which the city will not allow. We will view the city’s plat and then take a look at the necessary permits for the landowner’s needs. We will work with the city so that the proper licenses are given before construction starts

Site Plan

After we understand what the city will and won’t allow the homeowner to do on their land, we can help construct a site plan. This will give the details of the proposed building or improvements on the property.

Landscaping Plan

Once the plans for the building are set, we can understand what to do with the land of the surrounding areas. We will plan the shape of the grounds and any extra landscaping that needs to be done

Drainage Plan

Rainwater can be extremely damaging to a building. If there is no proper drainage, water can pool on your roof, which will lead to leaks and mold. Also if the water is not correctly drained from the surrounding areas, it can seep into your foundation causing erosion damage. Our hydrologic and hydraulic modeling can help us plan out the drainage for your building.

With a full time Platting Manager, our firm is able to keep up-to-date on the various regulations and requirement for subdividing property. Additionally, with our focused approach to platting, our staff member is able to build strong working relationships with agency officials, enabling him to get in touch with the right people and quickly finish the process.

Let Lentz Engineering take care of your platting plan. We will ensure that your project is approved by your city and that you are satisfied with the final project!