Paving Consulting

Endloading machine preparing driveway to be asphalted by tearing out old asphalt

If you have roads that seem to keep getting potholes or cracks, this can be a huge problem for your citizen’s safety. Unsafe roads and sidewalks can lead to:

  • Car accidents
  • Flat tires
  • Broken car parts
  • Broken bones
  • Seriously harmful falls

We know that your city keeps its citizens safety at its highest priority. We can help you with our pavement construction. We can look over your roads to understand how they can be designed better. We will take a look at the land and its soil. We will also use hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to understand if land erosion and flooding could be an issue. Our engineers will also take traffic into consideration.

Lentz Engineering will look over your paving design plan and advise your city planner where changes need to be made. We will make notes if any changes need to be made to sewer pipes and stormwater drainage. We will ensure that your road will use the best, most cost efficient materials for its roads.

Talk to Lentz Engineering about our paving consulting and design services. We will help your city planner work on the public infrastructure. We can help with traffic control as well to help improve how cars move through your city. Let us see how we can help your city.