Lift Station Design

Water pumping station - industrial interior and pipes. In order for water to properly flow to the correct water treatment plants, there will be times that it will need to be pushed against gravity. For this to happen, cities need to install lift stations in the proper areas. Lift stations help manage a city’s sewer system so that there is never sewage overflow. Any flooding can lead to serious health issues, and can damage the structure of your city’s buildings.

Lentz Engineering will look at your city’s drainage master plan and help your city decide where lift stations need to be installed so that your city’s water and sewage flow is properly managed. Pumping stations are a necessary part of a city’s public infrastructure so that your streets can be drained properly and that your water is safely purified in your city’s water treatment plant.

Our engineers have worked with many different city planners to help them with their drainage master plan. We are able to use our hydraulic modeling to help cities manage their stormwater drainage. An important part of wastewater treatment is lift station design and working with water that needs to be pumped through your city’s sewers. Talk to Lentz Engineering about all of our public infrastructure services and how we can help your city.