Sewer Consulting

Plumbing supplies - pipes accessories documentation and valves Sewer systems are vitally important for your city’s sanitation and structures. If your sewer system is working improperly or the water does not flow in the direction that it needs to go, your city’s sewer system may need to be assessed and redesigned. An ill-designed sewer system could cause overflow and backup, which is unsanitary and can be damaging to buildings and their pipes.

Lentz Engineering can take a look at your city’s drainage master plan and the sewer pipes to ensure that your city has the correct pipes to manage its waste. We will also make sure that the water will flow correctly to the water treatment plants. We will use our hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software to discover where your city may need more drainage systems. We can also help your city place lift stations where they are necessary.

Talk to our engineers about our wastewater treatment services and how we can help your city manage its water. This area of civil engineering is important for your city’s safety and infrastructure. Unsafe sewer systems can lead to disease. Burst pipes can damage the structural integrity of your city’s building. Lentz Engineering will be there to help make your city even safer.