Sewer Design

inside of sewage collector pipe Sewers are an important aspect of any city’s infrastructure. It is important that all water flows properly into the sewers and that it goes to the designated reservoirs or water treatment plants. Lift stations may need to be installed where they are necessary to ensure that there is no overflow from the sewer pipes. Cities need to ensure that the sewer pipes connect to all homes and buildings in the area. They also need to make sure that all the sewers are large enough to manage the flow of the waste. If this is not managed properly, there can be sewage backup or burst sewer pipes.

We can help manage your city’s sewer design so that all wastewater properly drains and all of your city’s sewage goes to the proper water treatment plant. We can also design your sewer pipes themselves so that they will be large enough to transport your city’s waste.

Lentz Engineering can work with your city planner to help with the sewer design of the drainage master plan. We will use our hydraulic modeling to see how water will naturally flow through your city so that we can understand the directions that the sewers need to go to manage all of the wastewater flow. Give us a call and we can help you with our wastewater treatment services.