Traffic Control

road in Russian forest

If traffic seems to move through your city inefficiently and seems to get constant traffic jams, your city may need to improve its traffic control. Traffic control also manages parking issues and bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Our engineers can help your city create a new plan that will make it easy for your citizens to move through your city.

First, our engineers will look at problem areas in your city. We will research the number of cars that pass through the area, how much parking is needed, and the number of cyclists and pedestrians that are traveling as well. After we have completed this study, we can then:

  • Create traffic signal plans.
  • Manage or correct timing, synchronization, and operation of traffic signals.
  • Design all traffic control devices for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians (e.g. signs and colored curb markings).
  • Design all pavement markings and roadway striping for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • Respond to citizens’ questions and concerns related to traffic signals, roadway striping and markings, colored curb parking markings and all traffic signs.

Talk to our engineers about how we can improve the traffic efficiency in your city. We will help in reducing traffic jams and unnecessary accidents. Lentz Engineering has the experience to know how to enhance the traffic efficiency, so that your citizens can quickly get to the places they need to go. Talk to our engineers about all of our public infrastructure services and let us see how we can help your city.