Drainage Master Plan

Drainage Master Plan During city planning, it is vitally important to understand where the water needs to be drained from the streets. When city planners are creating their pavement designs and street designs, they need to also understand where the storm drains and sewers should be. In order to properly place storm drains and sewers, it is important to know how water will flow through your city.

When dealing with a phased development, it is critically important that you align yourself with a seasoned hydrologist. Our staff of drainage experts have years of experience working with phased development and understand the importance of carefully thinking through incremental development to insure that your project will proceed seamlessly from start to finish without impacts in order to keep your project moving forward in a timely manner. Let us help you identify the hidden challenges that your next project may bring.

We help city planners do this through our advanced hydrologic and hydraulic modeling. This informs us how the water behaves in your city. We will understand if the ground absorbs the water, or if it tends to pool in certain areas. We will then establish where the water will flow and where it floods.

After we have accumulated all of this information we can work with your city’s planner to establish a drainage masterplan and map out the places where storm drains will be and where they are most necessary. We will also establish where the water will flow. We can help design your sewers so that the water will run to the proper rivers or reservoirs.

Drainage can prevent serious erosion, flooding and other property damage. If your city is not drained properly, water can seep into and damage the foundations of your buildings and erosions may cause serious landslides. Stormwater drainage is a necessity for city planning. Talk to our experts at Lentz Engineering about how our expertise and our technology can help your drainage master plan.