Floodplain Analysis


If your city or municipality is close to a river, it is best to have a Certified Floodplain Manager do the floodplain analysis of the floodplains around the river. You want to ensure that any new buildings are not built in an area of the floodplain where they are likely to be flooded.

Through hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, our engineers will do a comprehensive analysis of the floodplain to map out where the dangerous areas in the floodplain are. Once this is all mapped out, the engineers can advise you on the best way of managing the water to prevent flooding to any of the buildings that have been built.

We have years of experience of handling drainage issues. As a consulting engineer for Brazoria Drainage District No. 4 and Galveston County Consolidated Drainage District, Lentz Engineering has handled a number of floodplain issues. Our engineers have been trained in HEC-2, HEC RAS steady, HEC-RAS un-steady, and ICPR modeling software, so we can ensure that you have the best information for your floodplain analysis.

When it comes to working with FEMA and other agencies with floodplain and floodway issues, you need an expert that can explain all of the rules and regulations to ensure that you are making informed decisions. Trusting a FIRM map or the advice of someone other than a qualified professional could potentially be a huge mistake. Call today for a complimentary initial consultation to get better informed before moving forward with your next project.