Hydraulic Modeling

HEC-RAS (1) When the rainwater comes down, it is often difficult to figure out how it will run and where it will pool. Our sophisticated hydraulic modeling software and our expert civil engineers will be able to take the map of the land and establish how the water will move and flow through your city. This will help prevent land erosion and flooding. We establish where the water will flow and how fast it will be running. Once city planners have these facts, we can help them understand where in their cities they will need storm drains and how they need to design their pavement.

Hydraulic modeling is also important for landscaping. If you are planting a garden, it is important to understand where the water will flow if there is a large downfall. If the land is ill-designed, this can lead to erosion that may destroy your garden. If there is a stream running through your garden, it is important to know where the runoff will go when the stream overflows.

Proper drainage is important for any city, building or landscape. Lentz Engineering’s experts will be able to use hydraulic modeling and hydrologic modeling to map out how the rainwater will flow and find the best way to drain your city or project. Our engineers are highly knowledgeable about a number of software systems including HEC-2, HEC RAS steady, HEC-RAS un-steady, and ICPR. Lentz Engineering is prepared to handle virtually any modeling for your next project. If you are starting on a large project, give us a call so that you can discuss your drainage master plan.