Hydrologic Modeling

Hydrologic Modeling When you are dealing with rainwater for any city, you need to consider the water cycle and how rain behaves in your area. We study the water cycle in your area so that we understand how the water reacts once it hits the earth’s surface. For example, the rain can fall and be absorbed and go to the plants. Alternatively, the ground may not absorb the water, which will create runoff. Both of these may become an issue for your city. If the ground absorbs the water, then it could potentially be creating an underground reservoir that can damage the foundation of your buildings. If the ground is not absorbing the water, this can lead to flooding and erosion.

Our hydrologic modeling will help us get a better understanding of how rainwater behaves in your area and what the best solution is for your city. We use our hydrologic modeling – alongside our hydraulic modeling – to understand where floods are likely to occur in your city and where storm drains need to be. We are trained in hydrology and can help explain all of the modeling to city planners.

Lentz Engineering uses the most advanced and accurate software modeling that shows exactly how the rainwater moves and acts in your city. Our hydrologic modeling professionals are experienced with many types of modeling software including HEC-1, HEC-HMS, and SWMM. We will ensure that your city is properly drained when storms come. Talk to us about our other rainwater drainage services, and we will explain how we can help your city thrive.