Stormwater Quality Management

Stormwater-Quality-management When rainwater comes, it often carries much of the trash, pet waste and any other hazardous chemicals on the street with them. Without stormwater quality management, this water will then flow into streams, rivers and eventually the ocean. Sometimes the water will be used to water crops. The chemicals and other pollution will harm the environment and could be harmful to the food that we eat. It also may run into our water supply, which leads to impure water. Stormwater quality management purifies the water so that it can easily flow back into the environment. This ensures that the water will not harm any plants or animals.

We will help your city create its stormwater quality management plan so that no hazardous chemicals will flow into our environment or your water supplies. We can help you create a water treatment plan so that your stormwater drainage could be used as pure drinking water for your city.

In our years of experience dealing with a wide range of stormwater quality issues, we have developed a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the local agency requirements for meeting these environmental standards. No matter whether your project requires a simple trash rack on the stormwater outfall or an underground treatment unit, our team can get you through this additional layer of regulations in a quick and cost effective manner.

Our civil engineers can help with any of your public infrastructure needs. Talk to Lentz Engineering about how our hydraulic and hydrologic modeling can help your city create a drainage master plan. We can help design your city’s sewers and how the rainwater will run through the city. We want to make sure that your city stays as safe as possible. See how our civil engineering can help you.