Master Planned Community

Lentz Engineering, LLC project

Lentz Engineering is dedicated to providing quality civil engineering services to the Greater Houston Area. Our engineers are prepared to help with any kind of construction and land services.

Developing a Master Planned Community

If you are thinking of building a master planned community, you are going to need the help of an experienced engineer. Whenever it comes to developing residential land, you need to have help platting the land and designing the communities. We can analyze the soil and the land to ensure that the residences in planned community will be structurally sound. We want your community to meet the needs of the families that will reside there.

Our engineers can also assist with the landscaping and the land engineering. Our engineers will prepare the land before the condominiums or houses are built. Master planned communities need landscaping so that families can enjoy the outdoors, we can help design the land itself. If you are planning any lakes or streams, you will need the aid of hydraulic and hydrologic modeling to ensure that there is no structurally damaging runoff or erosion.

Helping With Construction

We can help you construct your master planned community. We will be happy to discuss how we can help you throughout the planning and construction process. Our engineers will ensure that the land is well planned and the buildings are well-built. Before you begin the planning process, make sure that you get the assistance of a qualified civil engineer.

Our engineers are experienced and highly knowledgeable about civil engineering. If you are interested in how we can help you, your business, or your city complete your project, give Lentz Engineering a call!