Sewage Treatment

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Lentz Engineering is dedicated to providing quality civil engineering services to the Greater Houston Area. Our engineers are prepared to help with any kind of construction and land services.

Treating Your Sewage

Your community’s sewage needs to be properly treated before it can return to the designated reservoir or any water sources. This is of vital importance for your city. Sewage treatment is a necessity for any city or township. We have worked with a number of cities to ensure that their sewage was properly treated and that sewage flow was correctly designed.

How Our Engineers Can Help Your Community

Our engineers are highly knowledgeable about drainage and sewage design. We will ensure that your sewage flows to its designated locations. Our engineers will analyze your sewer system and ensure that your sewer pipes are large enough to handle your city’s or township’s waste. We will make sure that your sewers have a correct number of lift stations to handle any backup that may occur within your system.

If your community seems to be having some issues with its sewer system and you are planning on updating the sewer design. Our engineers can act as consultants to ensure that your new system can handle the needs of your community. We have worked with numerous communities, and we have the experience and knowledge to help you with your sewage treatment.

Our engineers are experienced and highly knowledgeable about civil engineering. If you are interested in how we can help you, your business, or your city complete your project, give Lentz Engineering a call!